Wednesday, April 18, 2012


With marriage, comes the topic of babies. My friend Tatiana married a french man in France last summer and she recently asked me when John and I were planning on having babies. She says she and her husband are constantly being asked this question. As many of you know, John and I have not been shy about giving our thoughts on the topic. We simply believe having children is a great responsibility and it is not for everyone. We are not pessimists, we are realists. The costs and dangers of bringing up children are real. People often have children as a band-aid, if you will, for other problems. When this happens, the children are the ones to suffer. We understand that caring for a child is the greatest joy we could ever know, second only to meeting and falling in love with one another. However, we also know that the people who say things like that to us will most likely not be coming over at 3am for feedings. Or babysitting on a cocktail Friday night. We enjoy the time we spend together and we enjoy being each others baby. We spoil and fuss after one another and if a baby came into the picture we fear our relationship would be drastically affected. That being said, we do like babies. Other people's babies. And we are excited to welcome any nieces and nephews when the time is right!


  1. I love your blog!! I tried to keep one but I am soo bad at it. I agree with you opinion on kids. I think that the couple needs to be ready to have them. There are others that are happy without children. I think that people who constantly tell me that Julien and I will have adorable kids and that they want to see them will not be the ones who help out. We plan to have kids one day, but for the moment we are happy just being us.

  2. this a hint for Annette and Chris to get started on some red-headed babies?? Hehe. Love the pics of all the happy couples!