Monday, April 30, 2012

The best is yet to come!

This past weekend we had the joy of throwing my future sister-in-law a surprise wedding shower. I baked two cakes, cupcakes, and made two large floral centerpieces for the occasion of which I took these pictures. I have  recently been baking and I am finding it very therapeutic! I get lost in decorating a cake in frosting, is that weird?! 

Red velvet cake two layer cake with cream cheese filling. The outer frosting is Strawberry flavored.
Smaller red velvet two layer cake with cream cheese filling. This one was placed at the top of  a cupcake tower!
Buffet display at the party
At the party, we played a newlyweds game with George and Lea to see how well they knew each others favorite activities, color, etc. Ill let you make your own deductions based on the pictures ;)

Question to Lea: What is your favorite thing to do? George was asked to guess. Lea said: Horseback riding. George said:  horseback riding

Needless to say, the party was a great success! Congratulations to another happy soon-to-be married couple :) We love you George and Lea!

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  1. the table looks great! no shame in the domestic on the lookout for more occasions to decorate cake!