Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chris & Annette's Wedding

So now that Cinderella and the Prince no longer have to plan their own wedding, attending other weddings is very enjoyable!

Underneath The Flumes in Carlsbad, NM

Outside a private home on Cherry Lane in Carlsbad, NM

Last weekend we took a road trip to Carlsbad, NM for my sister's wedding. After a traditional ceremony at our childhood Kingdom Hall (church), they had an intimate reception of about 40 guests at The Trinity Hotel (a historic building downtown). The cake was a homemade "tres leches" (three milk) cake carefully prepared by the groom's cousin, Lodi Enriquez. The flowers were a dazzling display of pink and white tulips, peonies, roses, and garden roses. Annette ordered all of her flowers from online flower wholesalers (like we did) and made all the table centerpieces, boutonnieres, and bouquets. She is a very crafty lady! My mom, her friends and I were available to assist her, but she was the creative genius behind the entire event. I made the rose arrangement that was placed next to the cake, I was pretty proud of my work! In a glass bowl I made an arrangement of 32 pink and white rose heads. It was almost perfectly symmetrical and Annette gave it her stamp of approval. While the girls were busy in my mom's kitchen making flower arrangements the night before, the boys decided to take a little trip to Chili's for Chris' unofficial bachelor party. Although the guys invited my dad, he stayed home and napped in his recliner while the girls continued their work. The boys were well behaved; no one came home drunk and they were home before midnight.

I did not realize this before, but one of the most special things about being a part of this wedding was getting to see all of the people I had attended church with as a child. How time flies!

Our congratulations go out to the Bride & Groom, Chris & Annette, may you never lose sight of your passion and love for one another.

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