Sunday, July 20, 2014


As we all know, buying wall art for the house is NOT cheap. Then, to add insult to [wallet] injury, your husband/boyfriend/partner feels the need to ask "do we really need to spend all this money on this stuff?" The typical male sees anything decorative as a waste of money.
My husband, not being your typical male, sees it as an opportunity for him to find something of equal value to "make up for it." 

So, alas, you find yourself on Pinterest,scanning for hours, looking for an economical but elegant solution to affordable wall art.

Well, I found it!

HOWEVER, there is a catch, as there usually is. The catch: If you want the truly cheap prints, you have to get them in black and white. They are available in color but you'll pay a premium. ($19 per print and they're smaller) Now, if this is not a problem, keep reading!

I took the initial idea from this blog, but I modified it slightly. As you may find yourself doing, who knows.

But here goes anyway! Enjoy and send me a picture of your masterpiece afterward!


---3' x 4' (36" x 48") Engineering Print from Staples. Go here to design yours.
---Foam Insulation Board - Size - 3/4x4x8 sheath T&G RS S. Foam
---Tape (any kind of strong tape, I used painters tape)
Loctite spray adhesive (if you don't want to use the tape. 
WARNING: this is very wet, use in ventilated area)
---Command strips


1) Design your engineering print on the Staples website. You will need JAVA to use their picture upload feature. On the left, you will see 4 options, click in all 4 to make your particular modifications. Don't forget this very important step. Also, when you upload your photo, Make sure you select the correct size (mine is the 36" x 48" black and white print). You will also have to select the option near the bottom of that screen where it says "FIT TO SCREEN" if you do not do this, your picture will be printed very small on a huge piece of paper. Not good.

2) Take a ride to the hardware store! I got my foam at Lowe's but anyone that sells that type of board will suffice.  Work your feminine wiles and get someone to make the cuts for you or come home and use a box cutter. The actual size of my print is: 41" x 32 1/4"
But the foam board was cut to:  36" x 28" to give you some space to fold the sides over to make it look like a folded canvas.

3) Lay your foam board on a flat surface then place your picture over it. Spread it over the foam board evenly on each side. At this point, you have a few options: 1) You can use the glue I mentioned earlier to adhere the picture to the board or 2) you can tape it (like i did) or 3) you can maybe glue gun it. Your choice. I am impatient and did not want to spray anything inside my house so I taped it :) If you tape, fold each of the edges taught. Fold the edges like you would fold a present to give the "wrapped" look.

4) Turn it over once you have taped all the sides and voila! Possibilities are endless in terms of attaching your print to the wall. I like and used these Command strips.


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