Sunday, November 9, 2014

Casino Night Decoration Tutorial

Hello all!

I have been meaning to post my tutorial for the fabulous decorations I made for our Casino Night held on Oct 11. We had a solid group of 9 and everyone had a blast. Decorating and baking the days prior is always fun for me, I am sure you agree! Here are a few pictures of what I made for the big night. Enjoy!

Party Decor

Serving Platter: Tray

-Dollar Tree Pizza pans
- Glue Gun
- Ribbon and rhinestones of your choice
-deck of cards

Tape cards to tray so you may reuse trays in other projects if desired. Glue ribbon or rhinestones to rim. Voila!

Serving Platter: Base

- Roll of toilet paper

- Tissue paper/fancy paper    
-deck of cards


Wrap tissue paper around roll and attach cards. Tape to tray. Obviously, this is fragile, use with care.

Playing Card Wall Decor:

-Deck of cards
- Scotch tape
-Empty wall

Tape empty box to wall and arrange cards in a cascading pattern. Be careful not to arrangement them to rigidly in order to obtain the appropriate effect!

Tip: Look around for discounted merchandise that can be turned into whatever you need it to! Ie, this garland was on sale at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and I attached the playing cards with tape.

Party Favors:

- paper favor bags (Hobby Lobby)
-deck of cards
-licorice (red and black)

To make these adorable little bags for your guests, simply tape a card to the outside, attach a ribbon and fill with red and black candy. I used licorice. They were a big hit!

Party Food

Don't forget to make those goodies!

- Pastry dough
-Raspberry (or any flavor) jam/preserves

Cut out little squares, stuff with small pieces of brie and about 1 tsp jam. Bake for 20 mins on 350 F or until golden brown.

- 1 can of olives
- cubed cheese
-cherry tomatoes
Directions on this one are pretty self-explanatory :)

And, last, but not least, DESSERT!!!!
Cherry Cheesecake Triple Stud
My inspiration for this dessert came from here. Basically, I bought a ready-made cherry cheesecake from the freezer section at the grocery store, baked some boxed Ghiradelli brownies, heated up some hot fudge, and added whipped cream and a cherry. Add all ingredients in these fancy little plastic cups from the dollar tree (or any grocery store) and voila: A studly dessert, indeed!

The important thing is to have fun with whatever you decide to do. Here are some pictures of the finished product before the guests arrived.

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